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Trading Ideas

Our code of profit

Trading algorithms are automatically executable scripts, however, they ought to be developed, tested and introduced timely, and also be analyzed and improved constantly in order to satisfy volatile market conditions. Stable profitability of the Fund is the result of functioning of developing team constructing a symbiosis of such software solutions working in conjunction. The Fund has built a sterling ecosystem of methods and technical tools necessary for regular prosperous operation.

Universal CRM

The Fund's clients manage their capitals using intelligible and clear user interface of the personal account which represents extensive system of conducting and distributing investments. UCRM is the Fort-Knox of the Fund - an impregnable wall protecting information about the investments of the Fund customers. Security and stability of the personal account is a key priority of the Fund service.

Info focus

Analytical summaries are the basis of the building trading algorithms. Analyzing big data helps create an objective reflection of the market. After having been detected, the signal would be approved or refuted by means of analyzing the rest of information and trading state of the market.

Impulse TRADE

Stock operating terminal created with properties adjasted to the features of intraday trading and scalping. It has proven itself in trading on the cryptocurrency market. Its peculiarity is that it provides access to all exchanges at the same time, and also has a built-in risk control system. This terminal allows you to catch the slightest impulses when intraday trading.

Quantum Flux

Development, testing, analysis and optimization of algorithms are the basics of the Fund functioning. The algorithm needs to be examined in different market conditions and various volumes. The Fund has created a proprietary system of algorithms developing and testing, which optimizes the operation and efficiency of the algorithm to the limit in automatical mode even on the cold startup stage.