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Trading report 25.01.2019 - 24.02.2019



On the 26 of January we were developing the draft version of the etc/btc trade plan in the course of exiting the triangle correction model due to the emerging prerequisites to the local growth. Our concerns were being published on our official site Tradingview. As usual, after the candle fixing beyond the border our proprietary traders gathered a quantity of acquisitions with clear short-term goals. However, the growth start appeared to be false which subsequently triggered stop losses at all the long positions.

Operational profit: (-) 0.38 %


At the same time we decided to bear with etc/usd after the breakout of the rising wedge, having hedged the losses in etc/btc in case of unforeseen circumstances. The solution proved to be right. The price rapidly reached the target level, having covered the losses of short positions of the etc/btc trade plan.

Operational profit: (+) 0.63 %


The zec/usd trade plan also brought a little victory to our proprietary traders. While monitoring etc trading solutions we payed attention to the zec/usd. It was preceded by exiting a large correction in a pennant pattern, while the local correction was flag-shaped. After candle fixing beyond the border, without a moment’s thought we have sold aiming for short targets which were achieved before long.

Operational profit: (+) 0.51 %

Proprietary trading office result on 28.01

Total P/L - (+) 0.76 %

Algorithmic trading office result (ISFT_HFT system) on 28.01

Total P/L - (+) 1.15 %



After verifying terms for adding long positions, we decided to work out a pretty flag pattern discovered by one of the proprietary traders. The trade plan turned out to be successful and the goals were reached promptly.

Operational profit: (+) 0.73 %


A longer development of the trading plan on neo/btc which we have also been sharing on Tradingview didn’t bring the intended effect. The start was promising: a trend was breached, a big flag was formed with fixing beyond the model border. We began selling aiming to bear by 0.00185. We always count on a fast impulse after the price exits the correction model. This time, however, because of the low market volatility, we had to exit manually a bit later into lossless. We didn’t like the dynamics: the price was sinking slowly which pointed towards a risk of returning quickly into the sales zone.

Operational profit: (+) 0.09 %

Proprietary trading office result on 03.02.

Total P/L - (+) 0.82 %

Algorithmic trading office result (ISFT_HFT system) on 03.02.

Total P/L - (+) 0.97 %



Volatility increase in the whole market is pleasing, especially on the ltc. Perhaps the coin price began its medium-term recovery, since the upcoming halving of the mining reward in August 2019. Two flags of a larger time scale were formed along the main trend, both on ltc/btc and ltc/usd. The models were developed according to the standard scenario which brought good results to the fund.

Operational profit: (+) 2.53 %

Proprietary trading office result on 08.02.

Total P/L - (+) 2.53 %

Algorithmic trading office result (ISFT_HFT system) on 08.02.

Total P/L - (+) 2.04 %



Trading plan with a flag on eth/btc was fulfilled on 11th of February. The movement was very fast and Take Profit of prop traders worked out in few hours.

Operational profit: (+) 0.31 %

Proprietary trading office result on 11.02

Total P/L - (+) 0.31 %

Algorithmic trading office result (ISFT_HFT system) on 11.02

Total P/L - (-) 0.67 %



The price output from the wedge correction in zec/usd pair and trend continuation turned out to be successful. Trading idea brought another profit for the Fund.

Operational profit: (+) 0.73 %

Proprietary trading office result on 14.02

Total P/L - (+) 0.73 %

Algorithmic trading office result (ISFT_HFT system) on 14.02

Total P/L - (+) 1.01 %



This trading plan was published on our official Trading View page like the other ones. Within the framework of idea the triangle model of trend correction was found. Development of idea was very quick. Apparently, there was intense accumulation of seller’s stop loss orders which provoked price squeeze to our traders Take Profit.

Operational profit: (+) 0.49 %

Proprietary trading office result on 17.02

Total P/L - (+) 0.49 %

Algorithmic trading office result (ISFT_HFT system) on 17.02

Total P/L - (+) 0.57 %



Public idea of buying by local trend after confirming the pennant correction model worked out well.

Operational profit: (+) 0.79 %

Proprietary trading office result on 20.02

Total P/L - (+) 0.79 %

Algorithmic trading office result (ISFT_HFT system) on 20.02

Total P/L - (+) 1.16 %



Trading plan with “flag” correction on iota/usd, like other draft versions, obtained “in Game” status. Buyings of proprietary traders attained Take Profit. The idea was posted on our Trading View page also.

Operational profit: (+) 0.85 %


An identical trading plan of buying by trend from the “flag” correctional model on btc/usd also brought quite good results and price targets were worked out also.

Operational profit: (+) 0.44 %

Proprietary trading office result on 23.02

Total P/L - (+) 1.29 %

Algorithmic trading office result (ISFT_HFT system) on 23.02

Total P/L - (+) 1.91 %

The results from 25.01.2019 to 24.02.2019

Prop-trade office results

TOTAL P/L: (+) 7.72%

The algorithmic office result (system ISFT_HFT)

TOTAL P/L: (+) 8.14%


TOTAL P/L: (+) 0%

The QHF total profit for 25.01.2019 - 24.02.2019: (+) 15.86 %

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